Fuck You! It's My Christmas Too!

by supposably

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Supposably is Andrea Hale, Jenna Wilbur, Alden Eagle


released December 3, 2015

Recorded at Andrea's house and at Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle by John Healy November 2015



all rights reserved


supposably Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: At The Office Christmas Party
Seasons greetings
Cancel all your meetings
Things are gonna get naughty
At the office Christmas party
Ho ho ho
Ho ho ho

Quit working after lunch
Pour the vodka into the punch
Put your phone on airplane mode
And hang up the mistletoe
Last year I partied so hard
They made me talk to HR
I can’t stand this nine to five
Christmas party makes me feel alive

Last year the guys from sales
Spent the whole night doing rails
The accountants brought the weed
We all sat on the copy machine
We finished the Yankee swap
And then somebody called the cops
I kissed somebody but I forget
It was the best Christmas yet
Track Name: (Fuck You) It's My Christmas Too
Fuck you. It’s my Christmas too
Fuck you. It’s my Christmas too
I’m not the one who brought this on you so
Fuck you. It’s my Christmas too

Can you hurry because I don’t have much time
I’ve got six other stores to visit tonight
Does this come with any guarantee?
I’m buying more so can I have this one free?
Can you hurry cause I’m double parked?
They seemed friendlier at the walmart
They seem friendlier across the street
Why aren’t you happier? It’s Christmas eve.

Will you wrap these for all of my friends?
No not like that you better do it again
I saw this cheaper in another store
I think this place was better before
I know that you’re about to close
Just give some of that and a few of those
You really should stay up late
Don’t you know that it’s almost Christmas day?

I hate shopping and I’m in a bad mood
So I really don’t need your attitude
I just need some last minute gifts
So help me out with this whole list
I’ll be waiting over there
Sell me stuff that makes it look like I care
This is my favorite time of year
I bet you love all my Christmas cheer
Track Name: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Get ready for Santa
Get ready for jolly ol St Nick
You can be naughty or nice
And I’ll still put you on my list
Get ready for Santa
Santa’s coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town

I might live at the north pole
But I’ll be at your place tonight
Don’t you worry about my wife
She told me it’s all right
I been working so hard all year
And I only get this one night out
So take off your kerchief because
Santa’s coming around

I know I’m a little heavy yeah
But that’s just more of me to squeeze
Think of my as a bowl full of jelly
And hang up your stockings please
You know I’ll bring you something
In my magical sack
Tell me what you want for Christmas
Come sit on Santa’s lap

I’m gonna land right on your roof
Slide down that chimney hole
Show you the meaning of Christmas
Like we do at the North Pole
You know that I’m a very busy guy
I got girls all over this land
Yeah I am a jolly old elf
But I’m one hundred percent man